Jewelry Care

Hair Spiral Jewelry Care & Specifications:

Hair Spirals made by Sezzi's Jewelry are made with tarnish-resistant wire. Gold colored charms are also tarnish resistant. Although hair spirals are tarnish resistant, this does not mean they are permanently tarnish-proof. Our hair spirals are tested to last a significantly long time, especially when well taken care of.

Factors playing a role in the tarnish process includes: environmental elements, body oils, makeup, perfumes, lotions, water, etc.
To help preserve the hair spiral, gently blot the spiral with a dry cloth and place in a closed jewelry box or soft pouch after each use.

Hair Spiral Directions:

•  Take a section of hair similar to the amount shown in product pictures. (Hair can be braided, straight, or curly/wavy. Having texture in hair can help give a secure fitting.)

•  Hold part of the hair spiral with one hand. Starting from the top of spiral, take section of hair with other hand and wrap hair around the spirals gaps down towards the bottom.