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Ethereal 14k Gold-Filled Hair Rings

Ethereal 14k Gold-Filled Hair Rings

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The Ethereal Hair Rings Set Collection

4 (14k Gold-Filled) Hair Rings - These tarnish resistant hair rings are exclusively made by Sezzi's Jewelry and are made to stay in your hair securely by gently snapping in place.

Product Details:
• 14k Gold Filled Hair Rings
• Handmade in USA
• Tarnish Resistant
• No Lead or Nickel

Hair Ring Directions:
• Insert hair ring by the O end through the braid/secured selected hair
• Gently slide last bead downwards on the ● end
• Place O over ● until gently snugged in place
• The O should be secured between the ● and last bead.
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