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Moonstone Star and Crescent 14k Gold-Filled Hair Rings

Moonstone Star and Crescent 14k Gold-Filled Hair Rings

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The Moonstone Star and Crescent Hair Rings Set Collection

7 (14k Gold-Filled) Hair Rings - These tarnish resistant hair rings are exclusively made by Sezzi's Jewelry and are made to stay in your hair securely by gently snapping in place.

In this aesthetic, minimalist collection, you will receive:

7 Hair Rings: 5 Beaded 14k Gold-Filled Hair Rings and 2 14k Gold-Filled Beaded Hair Rings with a Real Moonstone Star and Crescent Charm.

Product Details:
• 14k Gold Filled Hair Rings, Tarnish Resistant, No Lead or Nickel
• Made with Real Moonstones
• Handmade in USA

Hair Ring Directions:
• Insert hair ring by the O end through the braid/secured selected hair
• Gently slide last bead downwards on the ● end
• Place O over ● until gently snugged in place
• The O should be secured between the ● and last bead.
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