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Soul of the Sea Hair Spiral

Soul of the Sea Hair Spiral

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The Soul of the Sea Hair Spiral

Mystical, otherworldly, and aesthetic.
The finest hair jewelry piece of the summer.
Soul of the Sea Hair Spiral features a 14k gold filled spiraled wire, an iridescent conch shell, and a synthetic opal which reflects different colors depending on lighting. (Blue, pink, yellow, etc.)

Product Details:
• Handmade in USA
• 14k Gold Filled Wire & Rare Synthetic Opal
• Water Safe
• No Lead or Nickel

𓇼 Hair Spiral Directions & Care:

• Take a section of either braided, straight, or curly/wavy hair - Hair with completely dried hair spray beforehand or having texture in hair can help give a secure fitting.

• Slightly twist top of sectioned hair and begin wrapping around the spirals gaps towards the bottom.

• To help preserve the hair spiral, gently blot the spiral with a dry cloth and place in a closed jewelry box or soft pouch after each use.
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